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This past week, we had an incredible set of guests.. yes... set of guests...

We had John Lee Dumas AND Kate Erickson of Entrepreneur on Fire on the show.

Cool story to share with you...

Kate joined John at his company, Entrepreneur on Fire, at a time when the company wasn't making money. This was a massive gamble on Kate's part. Shortly after is when Entrepreneur on Fire started taking off and turning into the revenue-generating monster that it is today.

During this past week's interview, you will hear a side of John and Kate that you don't get from other interviews or each of their respective shows, Entrepreneur on Fire and Kate's Take.

For example, success takes sacrifice, pure hard work, and commitment. Entrepreneur on Fire is no exception. John admits to us during this past week's interview that he gives himself a D- for work-life balance during 2014! This goes to show that if you work hard and make sacrifices, great things can come out of it. In John's case.. 2.5 million great things...

If you haven't checked out this past week's episode, do it, you don't want to miss it. Click here!

During today's show, Ben and Josh reflect on all the value that John and Kate provide on this past week's show, in great detail.

Thanks for listening to today's show and make sure you also check out our interview with John and Kate from this past week. Click here!

If you want to catch up or listen to any older shows you can find them on iTunes or on our website!

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Build Your Utopia is both honored and excited to have John Lee Dumas and Kate Erickson from Entrepreneur on Fire, arguably the #1 podcast on iTunes. Entrepreneur On Fire, a Podcast interviewing today's most inspiring and successful Entrepreneurs 7-days a week. John Lee Dumas and Kate Erickson of Entrepreneur on Fire

Entrepreneur On Fire was awarded 'Best of iTunes 2013’ and generates over $250,000 a month in revenue. John and Kate have founded 3 amazing communities: Podcaster's Paradise, Webinar On Fire, and Fire Nation Elite.

With over 950,000 downloads a month, Entrepreneur On Fire has inspired Fire Nation to take control of their life and make the Entrepreneurial leap.

Kate Erickson is the Content Creator and Community Leader over at EntrepreneurOnFire. She's also the Host of Kate's Take and the author of The Fire Path.

John's Utopia is being able to have the life that he has created for himself, which is something he is really proud of. Kate agrees with John but also believes in a Utopia where she can call her own shots and also have financial freedom.

With all the success John and Kate have had, at this point, they really do not know what their Utopia is 5 years from now, although they believe in staying nimble in business to be able to pivot with the industries' changes, which are frequent. The bottom line is that they want to stay on the cutting edge.

John used a reference to Wayne Gretzky in explaining how he wants to end up in "where the puck will be."

Utopian Quote of the Show

"Entrepreneurs are willing to work like nobody else will now so they can live like nobody else later” - John Lee Dumas on Build Your Utopian. Click to tweet.

John and Kate attribute pure hard work in attaining the success that they have attained.

Kate never felt that she would be an entrepreneur and look at what she has done with John with Entrepreneur on Fire.

The path up to this point has been brutal, plenty of hard work, and a plethora of lessons. John and Kate wouldn't change a single step up to this point since every step has had value.

This goes to show how valuable it is to value every step along the way and to appreciate the path, stay focused, and not let stresses from challenges drag you down.

John also recommends building up relationships along the way. There's a tremendous amount of value in relationships.

John and Kate both maintain a semblance of a work-life balance by staying active, enjoying the beach, paddle boarding (as it has been publicized), and spending time with Kate’s family nearby. They've been able to do this while generating over $2.5 million in sales revenue.

Overall, John gives himself a “D” for work-life balance in 2014 and is aiming for a B- in 2015. Using automation through Infusionsoft is a key for this.

Finally, John and Kate left us with 3 super Value Bombs:

  • If you want to be.. DO
  • Understand that entrepreneurship is a journey and a process
  • Use your experience and skills and make it happen

Utopian Quote of the Show 

"Success is the gradual realization of a worthy ideal" -Earl Nightingale. Click to tweet.

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In today's episode of Build Your Utopia, we review our latest reviews and discuss the impact that this week's episode with Jason Snell (you can listen to it here) has had on Ben and Josh.

Josh also just spent this week in San Diego at Digital Marketer's Traffic and Conversion Summit, THE conference for the digital marketing industry. While he was at the conference, he also launched his newest venture, CVO Acceleration, a company with the value proposition of doubling sales in 6 months, guaranteed, or a full refund is offered. He discusses that a bit as well in today's episode.

Ben felt giddy this week with this week's guest, Jason Snell. Ben is a big fan of Jason's work. Jason started his entrepreneurial path after he left Macworld magazine. Ben and Josh reflect on the difference between working in a struggling company or owning a struggling company and just how much control you have in either circumstance.

Finally, Josh and Ben also touch upon the 3 Value Bombs dropped by Jason this past week.

  • Be open to new things
  • Nobody is better than you and nobody is worse than you
  • Find the things that you love and try to integrate them into what you do as much as possible
  • BONUS Love your parents, pay off your student loans

If you haven't checked out Jason's work yet, head over to one of his pieces of work at The Incomparableat Six Colors, or

As always, a special thank you to The Strand for our intro and outro music!

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Jason Snell was lead editor at Macworld for a decade, and recently left that job to start Six Colors, an independent web site about Apple and other technology companies. He's also the host of numerous podcasts on the Relay FM network as well as his own The Incomparable network.

He left his company to take on a new challenge because he didn’t like his previous job, it was too much management and not enough creativity. Plus, the company was showing signs of sliding downhill. Jason and his former employer parted ways mutually right around the time that the company was going through layoffs.

Luckily, Jason was planning ahead and was actively setting up the foundation of his entrepreneurial path.

Jason has a great office set up in his garage and has worked with his family to create separation.

Jason feels close to being in his Utopia. With his Utopia, he’s not looking for complete security but more challenges, freedom to make creative decisions, and a focus on content and web publishing. He also likes putting the decisions on his shoulders and then not having barriers to having decisions implemented, unlike corporate settings. This is why he loves what he's doing with Six Colors.

He has never had much of a work-life balance, whether it was in his previous media position or his current company. The challenge has been being aware of a dividing line of respect with time for work and time for family. It has been an on-going challenge for him.. sound familiar?

Jason's 3 Value Bombs:

  • Be open to new things
  • Nobody is better than you and nobody is worse than you
  • Find the things that you love and try to integrate them into what you do as much as possible
  • BONUS Love your parents, pay off your student loans

You can find Jason at The Incomparableat Six, and on Twitter.

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Great show today for you Utopians.

We share with you our best review yet and a special thanks goes to TnT Family Farm.

This leads to us reflecting on the review where we mention how important throughout life, business, pretty much all facets of life, to not focus on the past, leave it, and focus on what you can make an impact on: the present and the future.

Josh and Ben delve into this in personal detail. Josh in particular shares an experience in management at a Fortune 500 company years ago.

Josh and Ben also dive into how technology has impacted them personally and professionally. Josh in particular has felt overwhelmed at times from technologies, like his smart phone, and talks about his challenges there.

I'm sure you all can relate with the prevalence of smart phones and tablets in today's society.

Ben also just received a promotion! Congrats Ben!

Finally, Josh and Ben also reflect on some of the powerful, seriously impactful, Value Bombs dropped by Rachel Martin in this past Tuesday's episode.

As always, a special thank you to The Strand for our intro and outro music!

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Today's guest really needs no introduction. Rachel Martin is truly a super-woman. She is a mom, entrepreneur, author, and speaker, that has some amazing accomplishments in entrepreneurship.

Rachel Martin, is the writer behind the site, is a partner of, cohost of the Amplify Podcast,  and a featured writer for The Huffington Post.

If that wasn't enough, over the past several years Rachel has built a site with millions of visitors per month that boosts an active and engaging Facebook community, and has created a successful ebook campaign resulting in her first book publication to be released this spring.

Her articles have been featured on Huffington PostPopSugariVillage, SheKnows,, Salt Lake City Deseret, WhattoExpect, Dr. Greene, Blogher, National Foundation for Celiac Disease, and more.

As you can probably tell from her long list of accomplishments, Rachel believes in living each day intentionally and loves working with others to help cultivate vision and potential.

To her, there really is no "perfect life", her Utopia is the “idea that life doesn’t have to be perfect be wonderful and beautiful” and when you can have that synergy, life is beautiful.

Ironically, she admits to struggle a bit with gratitude. At one point, she became dissatisfied with life and used to look at others and say "if he or she makes money, he or she can be happy". One day she finally realized that she was playing the "victim" and decided to take direct ownership and responsibility. This helped her overcome fears that she had that were holding her back towards being successful.

Utopian Quote of the Show

“Don’t worry about what people think.” - Rachel Martin, Build Your Utopia. (Click to Tweet)

You'll find in this episode that we dive deeply with Rachel into how to tackle challenges and the impact emotions tied to those challenges have on your ability to tackle them successfully.

Rachel shares with us some really trying times.. one in particular relates to her son that has Celiac disease.

Through all the trying times, she finally realized that she can do whatever she put her mind to.

When it comes to maintaining a work-life balance, 
like many of our other guests, she schedules it.

Finally, Rachel's 3 value bombs were truly inspiring, check them out:

  • Comparison is the death of contentment. Comparing chips away at joy.
  • Fall 7 times, stand up 8. Don’t be afraid of failing and falling. There’s great power in standing up and trying again and again. You learn as you fail.
  • Embrace joy in your own life. There’s beauty in life.

In a lasting note, a last quote by Rachel is one to remember, "The ordinary is often extraordinary."

This episode is being published on her birthday so please go to her Facebook page, Like her, and wish her a happy birthday!

As always, a special thank you to The Strand for our intro and outro music!


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In today's show, hear Josh's rap skills!

Actually, more than that, Josh and Ben discuss this past week's episode with Marc Mawhinney . Marc has some powerful quotes in his episode and recommends plenty of books to Utopians, so if you haven't checked out that episode, go here to do so.

Josh and Ben analyze some of the current challenges that Josh is dealing with in maintaining a work-life balance while preparing for the launch of his new brand that will serve as a silo of his business.

Ben coaches Josh on how he can maintain his "Flow State" through current growing pains (harkening back to our episode with Performance Optimization coach Brandon Epstein) so he can manage the challenges that he is currently going through.

Ben has a great exercise that he walks Josh through that truly surprises Josh and makes him realize how time consuming email management can be.

As always, a special thank you to The Strand for our intro and outro music!

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Great show today with Marc Mawhinney of Natural Born Coaches.

With Natural Born Coaches, he helps other coaches build their businesses through his podcast and services.

Utopia was hard for Marc to define. It has changed over the years. His Utopia is living a life that makes him happy and is on his terms.

Utopian Quotes of the Show

"A man is a success if he gets up in the morning, goes to bed at night, and gets up and loves what he wants to do" - Bob Dylan

He has changed his life around to a more balanced life that is on his terms since he was younger.

He started at 21 in real estate and for 20 years built up a successful real estate company. He used to work crazy hours and spent plenty of time working until late at night (does this sound like any of you?).

He thought that’s what he wanted but has since realized that that wasn’t his Utopia. His son, who is now 6, changed his thought of what a Utopia is.

He has always had the issue of “chasing the rainbow” and has always had a hard time to stop and appreciate what he has.

After staying clean of stumbles and achieving consistent success for some time, then stumbling greatly in 2008 with the real estate market crash, that money and status were low priorities in life. This humbling experience had a great impact on him.

Just like other Build Your Utopia guests, he realized that quality of life, not money and status were more important.

Check out these books that Marc recommends:

Currently like many of you, Marc is working towards having a lifestyle business that allows him to focus on what's most important, his son, his family, and himself. Nothing delights him more than being able to relax and play Lego Batman with his son.

To Marc, using your time wisely with focus is his key to success and maintaining a work-life balance. 

Learn to say “no” to people, personally and in business.

The 3 Value Bombs for Utopians:

  • Don’t sweat the small stuff
  • Change is good
  • Be bold. Don’t play small and be conservative

2nd Utopian Quote of the Show!

"Don’t sweat the small stuff. Nothing is life and death." - Marc Mawhinney

Inspired by Build Your Utopia and past guests, he just changed his name to Marc Redbull inspired by past guest Jason Surfrapp (if you haven't listened to this show, you really should). Click here to listen!


Thanks again to Marc for being on the show! Check out Natural Born Coaches which has links to him on social media, info on his coaching programs, and podcast training products (he shows people how to start a podcast in a month! We wish we knew about it before we started up.).

His podcast show has become an immediate hit – making it into iTunes “New & Noteworthy” category in its first week of release and greatly exceeding the average downloads for new podcasts.  The show can be found at Natural Born Coaches  on iTunes, or on Stitcher.

Marc is on a mission to help coaches spread their message and their value to as many people as possible!

As always, a special thank you to The Strand for our intro and outro music!

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