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Happy Friday!  It is the last Friday of the month and that means it is time for just Josh and Ben to talk about what has happened this month and review the great guests than graced us with their presence on the show.

We start off the show discussing networking at conferences.  What does it mean for Josh to put his game face on when he attends these events.  What does he get out of it and how does it help him professionally and personally?  This also leads into a discussion on why we started the show.  Learning from those who are out there doing the things they do while still making time for themselves.

Next Josh tells a story of revenge!  Revenge in a pure form of being the best that he can be.  Josh went to Pei Wei after recording an interview and ran into an old friend that he lost after a breakup.  We're sure that after a couple breaks up, friends sometimes choose one person or the other to maintain the friendship.  This friendship was one of those where Josh was on the losing side.  It was very satisfying to talk with this lost friend and tell him how well Josh was doing and how satisfied Josh is with his life.

Getting themselves back on track, Josh and Ben talk about Kavit Haria.  Ben really wanted to talk music with Kavit, after all he's played with some stellar musicians!  Staying on theme for the show, Ben really tried to keep on work/life balance.  The music conversation then moved to a previous guest, Graham English, who also came from a music background.  Finally, Josh & Ben talk about their favorite Value Bombs from Kavit.

Next Josh & Ben talk about Ed O'keefe and their favorite Value Bomb from him.  In a rare turn of events, Josh and Ben both agree on their favorite Value Bomb.  This leads us down a conversation about what spirituality means and of Ed's views on how to take care of yourself, what does spirituality actually mean?  Josh also shares a valuable part of himself, he is not very woo woo.

After that, Josh & Ben cover what they learned from Austin Iuliano and what we learned from him.  Ben reflects a bit about Austin revealed that while he was speaking with us, he was also Meerkating the show.  At first Ben was very concerned about the world listening to a very unpolished, raw show and on the heals of that, how awesome that Austin's fans were listening live and enjoying the conversation!  Would you Utopians out there enjoy listening to the shows live as they are recorded?  Should we try and make that happen?  After much speculation, Josh & Ben speak about their favorite Value Bombs from Austin.

Finally, Josh & Ben review our guest from this week, Alisa DiLorenzo.  For Ben, it was like catching up with an old friend while speaking with Alisa.  That speaks highly of how easy she is to speak with. Josh & Ben then get to their favorite Value Bombs from Alisa (again, not agreeing).

Before closing out the show, Josh & Ben tease about the upcoming 100th show

As always, a special thank you to The Strand for our intro and outro music!

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