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October 2020
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We have a great show for you today about riding the Gravy Train to Utopia Town!

You will understand what we are getting at by the end of these show notes.

To start off the show, Ben and Josh discuss their current Utopias.

Ben just got a promotion to a senior level at his company! Yay Ben!

He anticipates his coworkers won't be too thrilled since some have been there much longer than him but that just shows that hard work and exceeding expectations pays off.

His promotion will be officially announced next week at his company's "Town Hall" meeting. With this, he received a pay grade that gets him one step closer to his overall Utopia.

Ben's wife went back to school so that means that Ben now has more freedom! Just kidding.. Ben loves his wife very much.

Josh has had a very busy life lately. Between providing impactful service to companies and becoming a charter member of the Digital Marketer Certified Partner program, Josh feels very fortunate he is being bombarded with a wealth of opportunities. His Utopia currently consists of continuing to provide the services that his team provides to clients while also expanding on, what he now calls, the Accelerate brand.

He is currently in the midst of launching the CVO Acceleration brand. CVO stands for Customer Value Optimization. (You can learn more about it here.) This new brand is going to offer a much more intensive, intimate, and extensive level of service so he can help companies that are successful but are still missing opportunities in the online space.

As far as the show, downloads have increased consistently every month so far, and we have received a wealth of positive reviews. Just this past week, Josh and Ben also planned some exciting improvements and developments for the podcast and business for 2015.For one, Josh and Ben improved on the questionnaire that serves as the basis of the discussions with guests.

This reflects on one of the overall takeaways up this point that the show has provided: the value of planning!

Planning is huge and everyone should be doing it throughout the year to make 2015 the best year ever!

Josh even took a tip from Graham English on our show about planning tasks daily! He now uses one of his smaller whiteboards to plan out his tasks on a daily basis.

In this show, Josh and Ben also spend time reflecting on this past week with Joe Fairless, who was a fantastic and inspirational guest that gives back in many different ways.

This also led to Ben and Josh mentioning why Joe stays in NY, because of his flag football team. Josh says it is because Joe is from Texas. Ben, who knows very little about football, doesn't understand.

Josh believes Texas produces more collegiate football players than any other state. Ben, who knows nothing about football, would not take Josh up on this bet. Which actually led to Ben bringing up how Josh owes Ben pizza and a pitcher of beer from a previous bet in Episode 15: Is there more coffee in tea vs. coffee?

Joe left a wealth of value bombs in this past week's episode.

Joe believes that everyone should be a "Sampler of Experiences." Josh and Ben couldn't agree more and reinforces Joe's recommendation to use Groupon to be able to do this.

Utopian Quotes of the Show

"You only have a limited time on Earth so maximize it!" -Josh Marsden, Build Your Utopia 

Joe also recommended to Utopians that people know what they are good at and go all in.

Ben and Josh discuss how some people possess limited beliefs about what they are good at and that everyone should build themselves up to believe in themselves. Everyone has something of value to offer the world. Believe in what you are good at and follow through with it.

Finally, Joe also recommended to Utopians that they realize how they are benefiting others. This caused Ben and Josh to reflect on the show and how the show provides value to Utopians.

This is what Josh and Ben hope Utopians get out of the show:

  • Inspiration from our valued guests
  • Relatability to us, our guests, and the challenges that everyone faces with work-life balance
  • Tips on how to overcome that work-life balance challenge
  • To be thankful for everything in your life
  • To set goals, daily, weekly, yearly, and more

To wrap the show, Ben says that Utopians should join us on the Gravy Train to Utopia Town, be inspired, and keep working towards your Utopia!

(This is the same Ben that cringes at the term "value bombs" and he comes up with this?!)

As always, a special thank you to The Strand for our intro and outro music!

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