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In today's episode about Sales Lessons... kidding...

Actually, we have a great episode for you today. Just like what we do every Friday, today we talked about this past week's impactful episode with Jamaica Winship. (If you haven't listened to it, go do it now)

Jamaica was kind enough to record a 2nd time with us after the first time had too many errors in the recording, potentially due to Skype.

Jamaica dropped a wealth of value bombs in Tuesday's show. Speaking of value bombs, Ben loves the term, along with avatar and ABCs - Always Be Conquering.

Actually, that's a lie.. he cringes every single time those terms are used.

Going back to Jamaica, to us, what made her such a remarkable guest was the fact that she truly embodied her business's purpose. Plus, she does research, tests, and more to make sure that the products that she sells are products that are aligned with her companies purpose.

In fact, she shared with us that she recently found out something about one of her products that led her to feel that it was not right of her to sell it on her website so she took it off, even though it was a great selling product!

Jamaica also shared with us in this past week's episode how she has a goal of potentially starting up a storefront to complement her online store. Ben and I go into great detail to break down what we feel are going to be some of the challenges if Jamaica were to ever go in this direction.

One recurring theme that many of our guests have discussed on Build Your Utopia has been having a solid morning routine. This was brought up in today's episode.

Ben, in particular, talked about how the guests of Build Your Utopia have inspired him to improve his morning routine. We discuss this in today's episode.

Finally, Ben puts Josh on the spot in this episode and brings up one activity that Jamaica mentioned that she participates in that helps her have a strong work-life balance: salsa dancing.

Jamaica actually met her boyfriend salsa dancing, so the activity has produced two benefits.

Ben recommended to Josh during the episode that he should potentially take salsa lessons for which Josh immediately said, "NO." There's a reason for it. Josh took one salsa class a few years ago with his ex-girlfriend that didn't work out. The salsa classes were also a gift to his ex-girlfriend and Josh quit after just one class! Terrible! (Josh still feels bad about it to this day)

Finally, Ben and Josh also break down Jamaica's 3 value bombs from this past Tuesday's episode that every Utopian needs to take heed in, if you are in entrepreneurship.

As a recap, the 3 Value Bombs were:

  • Join a mastermind group
  • Get help FAST
  • Talk to people doing something similar to what you are doing but different

These were all great tips that Ben and Josh talk about in great lengths to wrap up today's episode.

Thanks again to Jamaica for being on the show this week! Utopians, be sure to head over to The Healthy Corner Store!

As always, a special thank you to The Strand for our intro and outro music!

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