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This is our first official show of 2015!

We did have a bonus show yesterday... Check it out here if you haven't.

This week we published a great episode with Jason Surfrapp, an entrepreneur, speaker, a just all-around awesome dude. What's great about him is how zany his ideas seem but really they are innovative and "out of the box", all credit to Jason and his uncanny ability to identify unique ideas.

Creating unique ideas is just one thing. We can all do that. What makes him such an awesome guy is how he is able to come up with such unique ideas and take them into action.

I Wear Your Shirt was a success only because of Jason, not just because of the idea behind it.

His hard work, determination, and effort drove the business to a wild success.

If you haven't heard this past Tuesday's show, you must! Learn more about his business selling “talking, walking billboards”.

Here were some of the topics that we discussed in today's episode inspired by this week's guest:

1. No one retires from a job that they love

There are so many men and women that are working in jobs during their senior years that are jobs that they have no passion in. That doesn't mean it has to be you or anyone else.

Josh's dad is a prime example of this. Josh's dad is an accomplished retired Army Veteran that retired at the top rank of Command Sargeant Major. Currently as he waits for his pension to kick in, Josh's dad is working hard as a field technician in his 50s to make a living.

You can hear more about Josh's story in the episode.

2. Most people follow the same path

Ben in particular has been inspired by all the guests that have been successful in creating their own paths. Utopians, you can create your own path as well.

3. College really sucked the entrepreneur out of me

Ben and Josh talk about how many colleges today do not focus enough on encouraging entrepreneurial activity and instead prepare young adults for life in corporate cultures.

This is unfortunate because forging an entreprenurial path can be achieved by anyone.

Josh and Ben even go as far back as talking about how grade school could incorporate some entrpreneurial lessons as well so young adults have "out of the box" mindsets when they make the big decisions they will make in their young adults lives on what professions they will hone in on.

Utopian Quote of the Show

If you put in part time effort you get part time results - Jason Surfrapp

This quote was from this past week's episode with Jason but it was such a powerful quote, that it is today's Utopian Quote of the Show too.

Another topic discussed in today's episode was taking a "social media detox".

This means cutting social media out of your life completely for a set amount of time. When Jason did this, he came up with a myriad of business ideas! It could be powerful for you too.

Ben would have no problem taking a "social media detox". Josh on the other hand spends a lot of time on Facebook in particular participating in business groups that have given him and his business a ton of value. This is discussed in great detail in today's show.

Finally, Josh and Ben discuss each of Jason's rapid-fire tips for Utopians:

1. Take a step back and look at your life’s foundation

The way Josh and Ben see this tip is to be humble, thankful, and appreciate the little things in life.

2. Understand that you are going to make mistakes and screw things up

Forgive yourself when you make mistakes (which is going to happen) and take action instead of letting fears hold you back. Obstacles, like fears, are often just illusions. Keep this in mind, Utopians!

3. Be willing to do something different

Think out of the box like Jason to achieve your professional goals in corporate cultures or in entrepreneurship.

If you are striving for a promotion, go make suggestions, be innovative, take up responsibilities that are extra duties, stand out and BE DIFFERENT.

If you are an entreprenuer, differentiate yourself from your competition by incorporating "out of the box" marketing or just by taking an idea and turning it into action, which that alone is being different than the majority of people out there that have ideas that go nowhere.

Check out this show and please leave your comments below!

As always, a special thank you to The Strand for our intro and outro music!

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