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October 2020
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Today's exciting guest on Build Your Utopia is none other than Jamaica Winship of The Healthy Corner Store.

Jamaica is an MBA graduate from USC, lives in San Diego, and found out as a young girl that she was an entrepreneur. She dove into entrepreneurship as a kid selling custom printed cards.

Like many of you, she went to college right after high school and then immediately worked in a corporate position. During this time, she realized that all she was doing was making her bosses rich by working for someone else so she quit.

Before starting her successful online store, she went into real estate, then into several random online businesses, then she finally arrived at her current Utopia, starting up The Healthy Corner Store while also pursuing her MBA.

Jamaica's passion for providing a purpose-driven store, has led her to curating the best of the best products on her store. She ONLY stocks products that she truly believes in, has researched, potentially tried, and will even cut products if she finds that they become poor fits. She cares <em>that much</em> for her audience.

During the show, she told us that her Utopia that she is growing her business to a point where it's on autopilot and she doesn't have to worry. Currently she's focused on building her business through expanding staff, the use of Infusionsoft, and getting media attention.

Like many of you, she consistently encounters the challenge of regulating her work-life balance. As an entrepreneur, there are many occasions where work days go much, much longer than anticipated.

She credits her dog and creating a schedule for the week on Sunday nights as the two factors that help her break away from working hard and building her next Utopia.

Looking back, she wishes that she would have dove into her passion to help others through The Healthy Corner Store sooner.

Her 3 value bombs for Utopians were:

  • Join a mastermind group, it’s helped her out tremendously, they have changed her business through insights and accountability from others
  • Get help FAST, you can’t do it all on your. Examples: web design, fulfillment, marketing, low level tasks
  • Talk to people doing something similar to what you are doing but different. Example: she collaborates with a colleague who sells groceries through an e-comm store. It's helped her get ideas for improving customer service, customer satisfaction, and her supply chain.

Utopian Quote of the Show

"Set goals, work backwards, find what needs to happen first. Getting Done is better than perfect."

Finally, she highly recommends the book Good To Great to all for identifying what Utopia they should be working towards. This book was instrumental for her to identify what her passion was, whether there was an opportunity to create a living from it, and whether she can be the best in the world at it (which she is working towards).

Thanks for checking out this awesome episode with Jamaica and be sure to head over to The Healthy Corner Store to shop for some of her awesome, health-conscious products!

As always, a special thank you to The Strand for our intro and outro music!

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