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October 2020
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Hello Utopians! We have a great show for you today!

This past week we spoke with Jenny Olding of Rock Your Lifestyle. She has absolutely accomplished her current Utopia in 2014 with publishing a book, launching her business, and making an impact on the world.

In today's episode we discuss all the value bombs that Jenny dropped on Tuesday.

Early in the show Josh talks about the value of direct response marketing tactics in the online marketing space and the benefits of injecting your own personality into your businesses branding, if you are a business owner.

Ben and Josh also dive into the fears of the risks that pursuing goals feel like, comparing pursuing corporate goals vs. entrepreneurship.

No matter what direction you are going in trying to accomplish your professional Utopia, milestones and goals are necessary.

Your plan doesn't have to be perfect, just functional. If anything, you should learn from our mistakes of over planning. (which you can hear more about in this episode).

During this episode, Josh and Ben also dive into how to choose who you should surround yourself with specific types of people and who you should surround yourself with.

Just a few weeks ago, Josh was in Austin, TX with an event by Digital Marketer. During this event, he was privileged enough to be around other high-achievers and entrepreneurs (some very successful), and uses this experience as an example of how it is great to surround yourself with people that are pursuing similar Utopias.

Ever hear of facetious behavior? Facetious behavior is how you adapt your behavior around certain groups of people.

During the show, Josh and Ben also discuss how people exhibit facetious behavior with different groups of people and different environments.

Another strong point discussed in this episode is the value of being true to yourself and blazing your own, unique trail.

In Tuesday's show Jenny talks about how she chose not to follow her mom's path and tells us a story between her and her mom about how she told her mom she wasn't going to follow the same footsteps.

You also get to find out more about how Ben created his current Utopia, going back to this past week's episode and how creating your own happiness is a product of your decisions.

Finally, Ben and Josh also discuss why everyone needs to pursue their own personal paths so they can achieve their Utopias.

In the show, we asked you Utopians to leave comments below of stories of when you went on one path that you thought you should go on and then pivoted and decided that you should go down a different road. We want to hear from you!

As always, a special thank you to The Strand for our intro and outro music!

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